May you live in interesting times

It’s been a curious sort of week here. There was a post on the Cats in Danger group about a couple of older lads … living in a shed and one of them not very well. The story of this elderly mainly black tom cat who may have thyroid issues pulled all the strings about my precious Sooty … and on Tuesday evening I sped up to North Yorkshire to collect them.

They were at our vets the following morning.  Jasper is about 8 and is in good health … Puddy is in his teens and has bad teeth.  He had a blood test taken prior to a dental op … and that has revealed some issues …. we’re don’t know yet what’s going on and are awaiting results of further tests.   They’re very sweet lads who are settling in and scrubbing up well ….. so hoping for the best for them.


Then on Wednesday …. Tabbytha … one of the Richmond 2 gave birth.   The original plan had been to have Tabbytha and her friend Mowse in separate rooms, but since they’ve been very scared, and close to each other, we’ve kept them together.   We anxiously trusted that they’d be ok sharing a room when the babies arrived.   Our guess was that when the time came for one of them to give birth they would move away from each other and have some privacy.

tabbytha & mowse cuddling each other3

What actually happened was something we weren’t prepared for at all.    They moved into the labour room together


Tabbytha gave birth 3 kittens whilst Mowse held her in her arms and purred loudly.  Mowse licked Tab’s head and tummy and under her tail.   She helped clean the kittens when they were born, and held the first borns whilst the others arrived.   The third kitten was a bit of a struggle …. Mowse laid next to Tabs …. hand on tummy …. checking under tail …… I swear she was a midwife in her previous life ……

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I feel out of this world privileged to witness this …… they’ve laid in the bed together for over 24 hours ….. kittens between them ……

Completely in awe of them ….. out of my experience ….. waiting to see what happens next.

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One thought on “May you live in interesting times

  1. Wow ,That is such lovely news , rescuing the old fellas , and the amazingness of the girls tabbytha and mouse ! We once had 2 sisters on foster that had 7 kittens between them, they used to feed each others babies , and we never did find out who was actually Mummy to which kitten as they mothered between them , mad. ( and it was quite mad in the house too , with those 9 foster and our own 4 !!)


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