No Cats!!

That’s the subject line of an email we received from Cat Chat this week!  For those of you who didn’t find your fur baby there …. it’s the main online resource for rescues advertising cats available for adoption.

On one level its true!  We currently have no cats or kittens available for adoption.  The lovely Ys are settling happily into their new home

yasmin & yoko april 2016 a

The naughty little Ps are setting about trashing their new place too

We’re not without cats though of course.  The Richmond 2 are settling in and are now named Tabbytha and Mowse.  I’ll leave you to guess which is which 😉

tabbytha & mowse cuddling each other3

In an unusual change from normal rescue policy we’ve chosen names starting with different initials for cats we suspect are related … and are certainly friends.   They’re both pregnant though …. and the challenge of potentially finding 12 kittens names with the same initial was just too much.

tabbytha & mowse now named1

They’re both still quite nervous around me, but will both take treats from my hands, and I’ve been able to stroke Mowse a little.   They’re clearly very close to each other  and snuggle up, groom each other and purr.  We can only guess whether they’re sisters, twins, cousins or even mother or even grandmother and daughter.   The original plan was to offer them both single rooms as they’re pregnant … but as they’re so close we’ve kept them together and are reviewing the situation continually for what’s best for them.

We also have lovely Sage in her foster home.  That’s been a bit up and down.  She was clearly very happy there initially and its a tried and trusted foster home, with no other pets to stress her.  Unfortunately she continues to lose fur …. at quite an alarming rate.

sage fur loss

Not just from her tummy and legs but now from her head as well.   We’ve been back at the vets today and she’s had treatment for her itchy scratchy skin.  Let’s hope it starts to settle down now …. she’s a lovely little cat but must be feeling miserable if her skin is irritating her so much.

sage at the vets.JPG


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