Going North

Our recent arrivals have been distant but desperate.   Last week we went up to Leeds  to collect little Sage – saved by the same young woman who rescued Pixi & Pudsey.    She’s such a sweet little cat but she’s had a stressful time and is pulling her fur out with over grooming.  Really quite heart breaking that she’s ripped out most of the fur on her tummy and insides of her legs, and even on her feet. This had started before she came into rescue but has continued.  She loves snuggling and cuddling, but each morning I’d go into her bedroom and there were handfuls of fur on the desk near her bed.

One of our committee members offered to foster her, in the hope that a pet free home will help her to settle. We took her over there this week. Paws crossed that things will be ok now ….. its certainly started well

sage day one foster home

The other two were longer distance. A very distressing situation in North Yorkshire … a kind man living on the edge of a small village had cared for numerous strays who lived in his yard. Sadly his poor health meant he could not continue to offer them this care. It wasn’t easy to estimate how many cats or how many may be pregnant. We could only offer space for two.

richmond pair arrive1

Given that it was a long journey, and that when I went to Lincoln to pick up Molly Mable the sat nav was seriously out of date and for large amounts of the journey the map showed me sliding sideways in a field as I drove along a newly built road, I decided to be sensible and responsible and invest in a map update. All updates carefully downloaded the night before the journey, I carefully keyed in the postcode of the destination the following morning ready to set off.   The sat nav looped and re started, looped and re started looped crashed restarted!   The brave guys in North Yorkshire had managed to catch a couple of the cats ready for me to collect (despite having been badly bitten in the process) and I was sitting in South Yorkshire desperately fiddling with the sat nav.  In the end I gave up and threw myself on the mercy of my road map book.

richmond pair arrive2

Thankfully it proved to be an easy and very lovely journey up to Scotch Corner and turn left.  Lovely people trying to help out these cats and the guy who had cared for them.  There’s also an amazing facebook group of cat rescue people who are  doing their best to sort out rescue spaces and transport for the others who need care.

richmond 2 thursday1

“The Richmond 2” were silent the whole way back to Sheffield.  They’re very scared …. I’m not sure they’ve ever been indoors until now.  They’re not really touchable so its not easy to know quite  what’s going on, but we think they’re both pregnant and due in the next couple of weeks.  I’m anxious to make some sort of bond with them in case they need any help with birth or kittens.  After an initial wall of death race around their room when they arrived, they’ve settled.   The little tabby will take chicken from my fingers …… quite carefully, not snatching.   Her (?) sister/cousin mostly just looks at me with wide eyes, but in the last couple of days has dared to eat whilst I’m in their room.

richmond 2 friday2Apologies for poor photos …. not wanting to be intrusive or using flash at this stage.

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