Life goes on

Rightly or wrongly the clocks don’t stop for a bereavement, and time marches relentlessly on.   The residents don’t say a lot, but have clearly been affected by the loss.   Sleeping places have changed.   Whilst Sooty was alive, and clearly top cat despite his failing health, there was a competition for who could sleep in his little house/bed.   Now it remains empty apart from the fur ..

sooty's house empty

Jango, previously always upstairs in my bed, has taken to sleeping downstairs …… whilst Honey has taken his place on my bed.  Flipper, who was very close to Sooty has taken to snuggling up with Jango … I’m not sure how welcome this is.   Amber as semi feral always plays her cards close to her chest so we don’t know what’s going on for her bless her.

jango and flipper


I was really touched by how many of our ex residents invited us for purrs and snuggles to try to ease the pain.  I didn’t want to go and soak their lovely fur with tears but the offer was very much appreciated.   Lovely Peppa even sent a card from her new home in America.

sooty rainbow bridge card

Meanwhile …… Jet and Jinja and Molly Mable are settling into their new homes.   Jet is the lovely snuggle bug she was here.   Jinja is proving to be a little monkey and full of life that she wasn’t able to find here ….. probably because she felt a bit intimidated by Molly Mable.   Molly Mable on the other hand is struggling a bit ……. she’s an older girl, almost a teenager, who had been settled in her home from being a kitten.  Her world came apart when her human died.  She might need a while still behind the sofa before she decides that life is ok again.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The Ws and the Ys have also gone to their new homes in the last week.    The Ys are quickly getting over their trauma and settling well, one more confidently than the other, but I’m sure they’ll both be more than happy before long.  The Ws were always going to be a challenge … a challenge one intrepid woman decided to rise to.   Mostly they’re wedged behind the cabinet in her living room but do occasionally come out to eat and move things …… oh and take down the kitchen curtains.   Hey ho ….. we’re waiting on photos from there.    Let’s hope mummy’s motto of “it will be fine” holds up in the face of these little horrors.


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