“Down In the Doldrums”

“The unpredictability of the weather, either no winds or potential hurricanes, made the Doldrums one of the least favorite sailing lanes back when all that ships had to power them across the ocean was their sails.”
Read more from WFMZ.com at: http://www.wfmz.com/weather/What-are-the-doldrums/186892

I’ve been a bit down these last few weeks, and this phrase suddenly came to mind.   It kind of sums up what I’m feeling at the moment in terms of 8 Lives.    We had a real whirlwind of adoptions February to April, and then over May and June the storm of getting our charity application submitted, and preparation for our new website.   Here we are in July, waiting a response from the Charity Commission and waiting for the IT guys in a far away room to shuffle our domain name across a bit of cyberspace at the other side of the world.

Meanwhile there’s a gathering storm a) of cats and kittens being found abandoned and needing rescue space …its the height of kitten season and b) a tornado of growing kittens around here who are rampaging through the house.  The Doldrum aspect of it is, I think, partly about it being holiday season …. people are focussed more on going away and having a well earned break than on adopting cats at this time of year.  Sadly I also suspect a lot is about our kittens being mainly black or black and white 😦  Ginger and tabby kittens attract much more attention ….whilst equally lovely kittens who happen to have jackets that are out of fashion are left behind.    So there have been a few enquiries about Tobias ……so long as he goes to a new home alone and doesn’t take along any of his monochrome mates 😦



We’ve had some pretty disgruntled people who just wanted a tabby kitten and can’t see why they can’t simply adopt Tobias.  I guess you need to be on this side of the adoptions for a while to understand it.  It’s heartbreaking to see people rush to adopt the ‘pretty’ colours whilst ignoring equally lovely kittens …. or even more lovely ones….. just because they’re black or black and white.   I’ve seen people desperately trying to befriend a ginger kitten, whilst pushing away the little black one who is sitting in their lap ready to adore them for the rest of his little life.

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The black and white kits are adorable too but they’ve not had a look in either

So we sleep on our blow up bed in the lounge ……. and wait.  It’s a definite improvement on last year when we slept on the lounge floor and later on a deeply uncomfortable bed/chair, but it looks like its going to be a long haul.  The house is filled with some of the most lovely cats but in terms of adoption they appear to be too old, too timid, just too black.

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