Summer Newsletter 2016

Hope you and your furry ones are enjoying this lovely hot sunshine.  The cats here are pretty much flaked out and flopped a lot of the time.   It’s a bit of a challenge keeping them all cool when there’s so many of them, especially as there are several groups who need to be kept separate, and most need to be kept indoors.

amber hot in garden1

our lovely Amber


There have been some exciting developments since our Spring Newsletter.  Our plea in that for additional committee members led to two of our lovely adoptive parents coming onboard: Betty’s mum and Mowgli & Lyra’s dad.

Following some tedious paperwork, and some excellent support from our hero Keith at Voluntary Action Sheffield we’ve finally submitted our application to be registered as a charity.   Fingers crossed that it all goes through ok.


We’ve had some very kind donations and support from a number of people and our amazing fundraiser Jenny (or “Anty Jennnny” as our Flipper calls her) has been apparently tireless in her efforts and imagination to make us money to support our cats.  She and Fiona organised another brilliant event at Strip the Willow in June …… huge thanks to “Strip” for letting use the venue for free.   Lots of fun quizzes and a brilliant music input from the up and coming  Max ….. he’s a brilliant musician and we’re waiting for him to be really famous so we can dine out on the story of him playing for our 8 Lives cats.

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That’s probably the biggest news right now.  We’re absolutely chockablock full.   The lovely Tabbytha & Mowse we talked about in the Spring newsletter, having their babies together and all snuggling in a little box together …. well they now have 7 strapping kittens ready to go to new homes, plus Simon whom they adopted after he was found alone in a garden age about 5 weeks.

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Since they were all so happy together and we had a spare room …… we’d initially intended separate rooms for Tab & Mowse … we offered to take in two older lads who had been living on the street for a while.  They’d been fed by someone who was allowing them to shelter in her shed but was unable to let them into the house, and was about to be unable to feed them due to hospital treatment.   Jasper & Puddy arrived in a bit of a mess ….. greasy coats and poorly teeth.  It was lovely to have a bit of extra money through Jenny’s fundraising to be able to offer more needy cats a space.


It took hours and hours of grooming to sort their coats out.    Our vets were wonderful, especially the nurses,  who got the last of the awful matts out whilst they were having other treatment.    They’re both handsome loving boys now.  Just waiting for the right home …. not together though …. they’ve clearly had enough of each other whilst sharing the shed and now want to go their separate ways 😉

So then we were full …. but another mum and tiny kittens needed a place to go.


We initially said “no … sorry we’re full” …. but an hour or so later caved in .  Puddy and Jasper moved out the back bedroom to make space to them, I moved out of my bedroom to make space for Puddy and Jasper ……and Jenny loaned me an inflatable bed to put in the lounge.  Those kits have grown too now:

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We’re in the difficult situation of having a house full of cats and kittens, its the height of the kitten season so lots of little ones looking for new homes.   It’s summer holiday time so most people are thinking of going away rather than of adopting ….. and ….. most of our cats are black or black and white.   Sadly people don’t want that colour 😦   However lovely their purrsonalities are …. people don’t want to know because their jackets are “the wrong colour”.

Please, if you’re not colour prejudiced about furry jackets, share these guys …. they need to get settled into homes of their own so that we can take in more desperate bits of fur.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Newsletter 2016

  1. Glenda Melville

    Thanks yet again for a magnificent newsletter and stunning pictures. And a massive thank you for the wonderful work you are doing.


  2. Sarah Lagden

    We will be up for taking one soon I think.


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