Christmas Newsletter 2016

Is it really  Christmas time again?   It hardly seems like 5 kittens since last Christmas!   Just to get us in the spirit …… here’s some of the lovely photos we had from our ex lodgers last Christmas.

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It’s so lovely to see them all settled and happy in their new homes

We also have a couple of cats who’s Xmas wish has come true

Nellie and Puddy both spent quite a while here waiting for a new home and were mentioned in the Autumn newsletter.  Delighted to say that they have both now found lovely homes.  I’m especially pleased for Puddy as he ended up spending more than seven months with us before he’s found his purrfect home.



Latest tails

We have a very  recent short sad tail of tiny Lucy who came into rescue a couple of weekends ago.  She’d been found outdoors alone in the dark on the Friday night.  We heard about her on Saturday afternoon and rushed her to the vets.  We hoped she was just in shock and dehydrated but over the weekend it became clear she was much more poorly.   Vets confirmed on Monday that she had some serious brain damage and had to be put to sleep.  It’s the first time in the history of our rescue that we’ve had to have a cat put to sleep.

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So the following Saturday when we heard about Dayzee, a healthy cat scheduled to be put to sleep on the Sunday simply because she had nowhere to go … we leapt into action again and up to Pudsey to collect her.  Nothing would bring tiny Lucy back but somehow if we could save Dayzee it could sort of balance things a bit.   She wasn’t at all grateful for her last minute reprieve 😉    She sang very loudly along to Classic fm’s carols from Winchester in the car, so loudly in fact that I missed directions from the Sat Nav and ended up stuck in heavy traffic somewhere near Leeds city centre.   Her response to that was to pooh copiously and odorously and then grind it into the mesh of the carrier and her hands and feet.  After a stressful journey and a bath she’s now settling in and showing a much more loveable side to her character.

on arrival and not at her happiest

on arrival and not at her happiest

Our other happy tail is that little baby Rufus … the kitten we hand reared this year …. has become a permanent resident here. 1’ve been tempted many many times to adopt various cats that we’ve had here in rescue …. but since Flipper in 2012 I’ve managed to resist. He’s the first kitten I’ve hand reared (with lots of help from his aunty Jenny & uncle Rog of course) and that’s created an even more powerful attachment. Perhaps if his sister Rosy had survived it would have been different, and they would have gone to a new home together. Perhaps if I’d not been under lots of pressure from friends to keep him, I may have let him go. It is what it is though and I love him.

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Merry Xmas to all our cat loving friends

and lots of purrs in 2017

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One thought on “Christmas Newsletter 2016

  1. Elaine

    Great to here all your news. I know it is so sad when you have to let a cat go because they are so ill but ,ore than balanced by your ‘saves’


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