Amidst the worldly comings and goings, observe how endings become beginnings. – Laozi (Lao Tzu)

There have been very many comings and goings over the last few weeks.  For some reason I thought things would be quieter coming up to Xmas …. what with finishing work for a while and most other people being focused on festivities rather than cats.

Holly & Humbug went off to their new home the weekend before Xmas.  So sweet ….. there’s a bit of an age gap between them right now ….. he’s  probably twice her age ….. but they love each other, and in not very much time it will simply be that he’s a few months older than her.


Humbug & Hollly

Later that day I went out to Rotherham to pick up Milo & Mike. Their human had taken them in over the summer as kittens to save them from being dumped… but then had some difficulties herself and couldn’t afford to keep them.

We thought that was it for pre Xmas … but a message pinged into our inbox about Daisy Mae.  She was booked in to a vet in Leeds to be put to sleep the following day.  There was nothing wrong with her …..apart from the fact that the landlord had refused pets and she had nowhere else to go.   Not entirely happy to make a journey to the other side of Leeds off we went on the Sunday.   As I was approaching the pick up my headlights started to flick on and off .  They continued to go on and off as she bewailed her misfortune at being stuck in a carrier in the car.  I hadn’t the heart too point out the other misfortune she’d so narrowly escaped.  Her songs of sorrow were so loud that I missed what Seamus the Sat Nav was saying and ended up with flickering headlights in several lanes of ridiculously busy traffic presumably near the centre of Leeds.  You know that point where you think “it can’t get any worse than this”?   Well it was at that point that she poohed, turned around and around, padding at it and ground it into her hands and feet and into the wire of the carrier.  So then we had her singing loudly and tunelessly along to Carols from Winchester on the radio and the windows wide open to cope with the smell along with the fear of breaking down.


Daisy Mae cuddles

She kicked off big time when she realised she’d be rooming with the boys I picked up the previous day. Thankfully there’s another part of the story where she reveals herself to be a complete sweetheart.

Anyway, just three days at work then peace.    As Thursday, the precious first day off work approached it got busier and busier.  Milo & Mike had been booked in for neuter so vet runs early morning and teatime.  To which we added a health check appointment mid afternoon for Daisy Mae, and then a homecheck after we’d fetched the lads back from the vets.   Settling down in bed on Wednesday night the phone pinged.  Long story short …. we were fitting in a run to Bradford between first and second vet trip to collect a kitten who had been living behind a take away for a week.

Bradford Bessie

Bradford Bessie

The journey home with Bessie couldn’t have been more different from that with Daisy Mae. She settled herself in her carrier, had a good wash, and then by the time we were on M1(S) she was fast asleep. The day filled out more by taking her to the vets as well as Daisy Mae and then the person who was home checked coming to meet the kittens straight after the homecheck.

Phew … all done by 10pm Thursday evening …. we could settle for Xmas.   And then the phone pinged.   Email about a local cat who appeared to be homeless.  They’d taken our advice from earlier in the week and gone to the vet with him to be scanned for a chip.  No joy …. and he wasn’t neutered either.   I agreed to pick him up on Xmas Eve.  The following day though, was vile weather and ended up going for him late Friday evening.


mr sad face Tomte arrives

Our dream was of a festive home filled with the aroma of pine tree, cinnamon and good food.  The reality was a house completely engulfed in the pungent smell of tom cat.   At least he appears happy and unusually for a cat, a little grateful.

happier Tomte

happier Tomte

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