Henderson … the tail continues

It’s been a funny sort of week with Henderson.   Despite lots of people sharing our post, nearly 15,000 views of it on facebook,  contacting vets local to where he was found, and checking with RSPCA no one has claimed him.  One person messaged to say that she knew someone a couple of years ago, who lived about a mile away from where he was found, who might have had a cat that looked like him, but couldn’t remember the address.   Another person emailed to say that she believed he belonged to the woman who had found him and got him into rescue ….. but this has been denied.   Another message on a group threw up an uncertain lead about a cat who had been lost over a year ago.  A lovely  woman from over near Manchester messaged to check he wasn’t her beloved cat who had been missing for months …. sadly he wasn’t.

Here’s the preachy bit: Get your cat’s chipped and be sure to keep your contact details up to date.


On one level things have gone well with him this week …. in fact much better than I could have hoped for when I wrote the last blog post about him.   His appetite has improved … and we’ve moved gradually from hand feeding super tasty and warmed food, to pretty much mucking in with the rest of them …… albeit with a careful eye on how much he’s eating.

eating in kitchen with residents

eating in kitchen with residents

He’s gradually made his way out of his crate and started mixing with the others. Chatting through the bars


Then he came for a cuddle,


and then started hanging out like a regular cat.


I hung around on Tuesday like a cat waiting for the fridge door to open,  expecting the phone call from V4P with results of his. blood tests.   They weren’t as clear cut as I might have hoped for.   The problem wasn’t clearly kidney problems …. though it seems that you can have one kidney not really functioning at all and so long as the other one is working, it doesn’t show up in the tests.  Possibly some hyperthyroid issues but below the clinical level for being an issue.   Further blood tests reassured us that its not FIV or FeLV and we’re left with the probability that Hendo has some form of cancer that is affecting his liver function.


He’s here to stay now though …. and we’ll do the best we can for him for however long he can continue to enjoy his life.

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