A Tail of Two Hendersons

We have two good news stories for you this weekend, each involving different Hendersons.

The first is about our very own Henderson who has been back to the vet for a review this evening.   He’s looking much better and we’re pleased to find he’s put on 200g in weight.   Having feared a couple of weeks ago that we were about to lose him, we’re delighted and amazed that we’re now having him microchipped and he’s started his vaccinations.  We’re being realistic – he’s an elderly cat, with arthritis and underlying medical issues …. but for now he has the chance of a period of care and happiness.


The other Hendersons is the one you all know ….


“What does that have to do with cats?”  I hear you ask.   Well …. local artist Victoria Butterell got in touch with us a few weeks ago to offer help with our fundraising through a lovely card she designed.


It was produced originally to help a friend of hers who runs a cat rescue in Montenegro.   Cat rescue is hard enough here in the UK but we were horrified to hear of the conditions of cats over there, especially how hard it is for this poor woman to offer care.  We’ve had verbal abuse at times but the woman who runs this rescue has been attacked in the street for simply feeding and trying to help.   We were asked if we’d like to be part of the card project so that local cats could be helped too.

We met to talk about the practicalities of paying for the printing of cards and how to share publicity and profits with the Montenegro rescue.   We were so moved by the struggle of our fellow rescue overseas that we agreed to fund the printing of all the cards, but share the profits.   We’re proud to be a tiny rescue with international connections.

If you’ve been to Sunday School you’ll know what they say about casting your bread on the water.  We’ve certainly got it back in kindness of others.   We arranged a launch event for the card at Rileys & Co …… where else?   Excellent pies …. with Hendos of course.  Their friend Chris Carter  the photographer came and took some lovely photos.   Our Rufus   came too … he”s been a regular at Rileys since he was 2 weeks old.

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The cards are available priced £2 from Rileys & co, Pet Company, Rounds News, Bessies, and Carterknowle Methodist Church Cafe

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6 thoughts on “A Tail of Two Hendersons

  1. Reblogged this on Neo Watercolour and commented:
    … news about my “Chat Noir meets Hendersons Relish” painting – now “twinned” with 8Lives cat rescue here in Sheffiled …


  2. I’m very happy to support 8Lives with my artwork, and thankyou so much for your support to help street cats in Montenegro, I never dreamed my artwork could help cats, both here, and over a thousand miles away 🙂


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  4. Your work reaches out Victoria! You should be proud. I know you are happy! xP.

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  5. This is fabulous news for you Victoria and this lovely small cat rescue centre 8Lives in Sheffield too. Well done getting together to support one another. Love Tam & Mary xx


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