random reflections on mother’s day

Had a lovely Mother’s Day with flowers and a card from the furry ones. It’s an odd sort of feeling to receive something like this for the first time at my time of life.

The notion of our pets being our children is something that is fiercely and often unkindly debated elsewhere, and not something I want to stray into here. One thing I’m clear about is that my cats are not child substitutes in the sense of being second best to having human children. Yet as we go about our lives together in the same house they feel like family, and evoke the maternal care (and frustration) that may have been given to children had life been different.

They’ve certainly pulled me into baby things that I’d never expected. Sleepless nights and kitten formula …..

max after his 2am feed

Juggling work with fur care

having to take them everywhere

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And then the arrival of Henderson sent us into the nappy aisles in the supermarket. A desperate (and ultimately flawed) attempt to manage his confusion and weak bladder led to us trying nappies, secured by baby vest.

It’s hard to convey in just one photo just how he felt about the suggestion …. but his face pretty much sums it up.

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