Winter Newsletter 2017

Oh my goodness … is it really almost Christmas?   It’s been a strange year here.   Quite quiet on the rescue front for the first 6 months or so due to building work, and then ridiculously busy after that.   So much so that we didn’t even notice until a couple of weeks ago that we completely forgot the Autumn Newsletter!

Summer turning into Autumn was chaotic.  The kits we wrote about in the the Summer Newsletter brought in a tummy bug that affected the whole house.  I’ll spare you the details other than to say that much washing was done, disinfectant was used in abundance, vet bills soared and tensions ran high.  Thankfully those kits are happily settled in lovely new homes now … all but one.  We gave little Sparkle as much love and care as we possibly could but in the end it wasn’t enough and her casket sits in the hearth with our other lost babies.

Sparkle   xxx


With illness comes vet bills, and our chief fundraiser Jenny has been working amazingly hard this year.   Jenny has written the following section for us describing some of the amazing work she’s been doing:

It’s been a very busy few months for the fundraising team at 8 Lives .. lots of money raised thanks to our brilliant supporters . 😺
Huge thanks to Victoria Butterell , her “Chat Noir “ and the more recent “Chat Orange “ cards continue to be very popular. Several local shops sell them and also “The Walkley Press” on South Rd .

The 8 Lives Bags and pens are also selling well and have been posted to various parts of the country and Florida !! Yes we’ve gone transatlantic 😺

As for our fundraising events .. the highlight of October was our fantastic fundraising evening at Rileys & co , featuring vintage singer Hattie Bee . Quite simply , she was brilliant !! What a lovely evening we all had 😺 As ever the food , cooked by Mr and Mrs Riley was delicious , we had a fun quiz , stand up-sit down bingo ( an 8 Lives favourite ) bottle tombola .. Thank you Julia and Tesco’s for the generous donations ,and a good old fashioned singalong with Hattie rounded of the successful evening. Thank you to everyone who came and also for the lovely feedback.. we really appreciate it .

Another big thank you goes to Sure Technologies Ltd who very kindly paid for us to have a stall at Norton Church Autumn Market. We had a great afternoon and made a fair few pounds for the furries ..We also met a wonderful lady -Zhany Hughes who I am delighted to say is now helping with fundraising .. watch this space for an exciting event in the new year .. hosted by Zhany !

As Christmas approaches we’ve had 4 Saturdays , doing what we do best … selling cards , reindeer poop , reindeer noses , lucky lollipop etc etc and having lots of fun and meeting people . It’s been well worth it and it means that the cats can be given the very best care before they go to their fur ever homes .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next year brings more fundraising events .. A new one for us is a “ non valentines “ Italian taster meal at Rileys on February 10th .. tickets for the 5 course meal cost £25 .. but wait for it … we’ve actually sold out before it was even advertised 🙀, so apologies to people who missed out on this but as I said earlier … Zhany has big plans for a Bulgarian Meal .. details will be published in the new year .. we’ll keep you posted.

Meanwhile …. for those last minute presents: Bags (£4) / pens (£2) can be bought from Pet Company Cards (£2) from .. Rileys , Rounds News,  Pet Company , Walkley Press.  Or you can contact us directly on our facebook fundraising page

This just leaves me to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a peaceful 2018.

Jenny xx

And back to the cats

We’ve taken in a fair few since the summer, mostly stray / abandoned cats – all of them adorable to the extent you wonder how on earth anyone could leave them.   People who follow us on our facebook page  (non facebook people …. I think you can still follow the link to see them ) will have seen our Catdvent calendar.  Each day during December we’ve featured a different cat (or cat family) that we’ve rescued this year.   Most are already in their furever homes and we’ve had some lovely comments and updates from adoptive families in response to the posts.  Hearing from furever families and seeing photos of our cats enjoying their new lives is what helps us keep going.  People often imagine that cat rescue is all about cuddling sweet kittens … some of it is … about 2% of it maybe.  Mostly its about scooping shit out of litter trays, cleaning up vomit, fitting vet appointments around the day job, worrying about funds, dealing with difficult people (NOT adopters!) and their ever shifting plans, stressing about sad and anxious cats and trying to make a difficult confusing time as good as it can be for them.  Weeks and months of stress over a cat dissolve when an adopter messages to say that Fluffy (or whoever) is settling well in their new home, and generally running rings around them to get exactly what he or she wants. Often the photo they attach says it all!  Here’s some of them:


We’ve listed them more or less in order of arrival so the ones featured in the last days before Xmas are still looking for their happy ever after tails.   Lilly’s family moved abroad and left her in the garden, cold and alone and wondering what on earth she’d done wrong.  Mr Tiggs & Figgs had tough starts in life some years ago but found themselves a nice home.  Then circumstances changed, their family had to move and the new landlord wouldn’t accept pets.   The F twins had either been bred for profit or picked up off the street and sold at a ridiculous price to a lady with special needs.  Either way, they’d not been handled and the poor woman couldn’t manage two terrified kittens.  Weeks/months of hard work later, they’re  affectionate happy young cats.

It just remains to wish you all a Very Merry Xmas … and every good wish for 2018.

May it be filled with tasty treats and comfy warm spots to snooze in x

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