Merry Xmas Eve

Have you ever wondered what its like in cat rescue on Christmas Eve?  Every family is different I guess .. but we thought we’d share a few photos and stories of the preparations around here.

It’s the first Xmas ever for Felix&Fritz, Merlot and Karis.  They’ve been plotting Santa’s journey on the lap top, watching out the window and getting very excited.

Although the F twins are excited about Santa, they had their really special visitors last night. Two lovely people who are calm and patient and loving and who’s family they they will be joining in the New Year. We’re delighted for them. Karis was adopted in the summer but has come back to rescue while mummy is busy (I’ll not go into details save to say that its a completely valid reason and was thought about at the time of adoption). Karis was never intended to be an only child .. so if Merlot manages to get on well with her he’ll be going home with her in the New Year.

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Meanwhile the residents have largely been grumbling about all the cleaning and tidying. My suggestion that the bed should be changed was met by a group lie-in. I went to deliver last minute Xmas cards while they dispersed. On the whole they appear to be pleased to have me home for a few days but rather aggrieved that their rigorous nap schedule has been disrupted.

We’ve tried to keep Flipper out the way .. its her 6th Xmas here … we don’t want her to spoil the Santa magic for the little ones … though she’s clearly had a word with Rufus (2nd Xmas here) about Santa and what he does to naughty kittens. Here he is hiding in a litter sack

I do get where Flipper is coming from, Ru can be a little horror, especially to Henderson (lots of Xmas experience .. hate to think what .. but first one here) …. but not sure its right to respond to bullying with bullying. Meanwhile Henderson announced that he’s always enjoyed the odd mince pie at Xmas … and we reluctantly and probably ill advisedly agreed to him having a very small piece. Watch that litter tray 😦

Then there are the rescue cats who are in separate accommodation. They’ve had cuddles and chicken treats. Lilly enjoyed and felt confident that someone would be along to adopt her in the New Year .. after all she’s very pretty, very loving … what more could you want.

Then we went to the lads. They loved the chicken. We had a serious talk about photos and adoption adverts. Mr Tiggs had a go … but he’s struggling to keep himself from running lovingly at anyone who is interested in him, or simply cringing in the limelight. He did his best

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His pal Figgs went to some lengths to show how it should be done .. he may have missed a vocation as a pole dancer.

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We’re hoping for the best for these guys to get a new home after Xmas. They’re all adorable … despite how they come across on camera.

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One thought on “Merry Xmas Eve

  1. They all look so cute. It must be a great day for you.


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