one tail … two tails

People who know our rescue will know that we have a pretty firm policy of only rehoming kittens in pairs. It’s less daunting to go with a play mate, and more fun, and more cats find safe loving homes that way. We’ve made a couple of rare exceptions last year for specific reasons. One of them was Karis. She came into rescue on her own, found as a stray at only a few weeks old. We hoped to pair her up with another kitten in rescue and rehome them together.


You may remember over the summer that she struck up a lovely bond with little Sparkle, our disabled kitten. In our dreams we hoped they’d find a new home together. In reality, sadly, Sparkle became more poorly and went to Rainbow Bridge. We’d have tried again to find a buddy to go with Karis had the infamous tummy bug not struck.  On balance it was best for Karis to get away from cross infection and have time to recover. So off she went to a lovely new home who understood about her tummy and loved her none the less. Time went by, her tummy settled and her mummy needed to go abroad for several weeks to visit family. Not wanting to leave Karis all alone during this time we agreed that she would come back here for Xmas/ New Year.

It so happened that we had another single kitten here .. Merlot. He arrived at the end of kitten season and although we tried to find another single kitten to come into rescue and pair up with him .. we failed.

You might guess what we were thinking … especially in the season of goodwill. They met on the day we put the Christmas tree up:

The friendship was a little hesitant at first. Merlot had playmates already with the little F twins, and Karis is a little older and not sure she wanted to play with silly little boys. However Felix & Fritz, although friends with Merlot, could as twins be a little excluding of others and Karis knew a good game when she saw one …. so ….

It was possibly the magic of Christmas Eve, all sitting together watching for Santa that cast its spell on them and soon after they were playing happily together.

Happily Karis had already been told that if there was someone she liked here and they liked her, she could take them home with her, and that’s just what happened.

Here he is on Karis’ kitchen table (which of course is now also his) delighted to find that mummy’s favourite drink has been named after him!

And here he is finding Karis’ tail irresistible as a toy … and learning that on balance its safer to play with the rug.

Absolutely delighted for both of these kits that they’ve found a playmate at last.

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