A tail of growing confidence: Belle & Tyga

We took Belle & Tyga into rescue a few weeks ago. They were completely silent on the way here and that usually means that they’re either very chilled and confident, or too scared to protest. In their case it was the latter. They came out the carriers with wide eyes and proceeded to hiss and hide.

Initially they wouldn’t even eat. After day or two of being tempted with chicken and every other tasty thing they agreed to end their fast, but would scuttle out of eat when I left the room, disappearing when I came back with fresh water.

Gradually it came to be that Tyga would come out to eat whilst I was there, though Belle would still hide.  Then Tyga came into season.  It was a good opportunity to be more friendly with her .. and do lots of stroking ..  though it also felt a bit exploitative somehow when her behaviour was hormone driven.  However she writhed around like a pole dancer … craving affection … and when her hormones subsided, she remained friendly and affectionate.

tyga pole dance routine

Belle’s hormones didn’t take over, but she did become more confident and would come out to eat whilst I was there, and/or would allow strokes whilst she huddled in her hidey hole.  She then progressed to allowing herself to be tempted closer by treats.  Then started to join in with play time.

There’s something very rewarding about seeing them gradually grow in confidence like this.  It needs patience, but its soooo worth it.

The day finally came for them to be spayed … and not a day too soon, having listened to them howling love songs to a rather embarrassed Mikey in the next room for a couple of weeks.   In terms of being able to get some sleep myself it was wholeheartedly welcome, though I couldn’t help worrying that being at the vets for the day would set them back a bit.


Surprisingly it didn’t knock Tyga’s confidence at all.  It did affect Belle though … but in a positive way.   I don’t know if it was so awful that she was thankful to be home, or whether it was a day of facing her fears and realising she was safe and cared for despite her anxiety…. but she arrived back a changed purrrson.    She came for snuggles, was completely happy coming out for food, wanted to play.

From there they’ve gone from strength to strength. Now both waiting for me at the back of their bedroom door when I go in. Really to purr and snuggle, wanting to play.

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All they need now is a new home with a bit of patience whilst they find their paws.

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2 thoughts on “A tail of growing confidence: Belle & Tyga

  1. Helen stanley

    Are these lovely two cats still available for adoption?

    Regards Helen stanley


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