vets and snow and a proud mummy

We’ve had some interesting vet runs today. I dropped two little boys off to be neutered on the way to work this morning. Given the weather forecast I wasn’t sure if we were going to get there, and felt bad about starving them overnight when it may not be necessary. As Sheffielders will know, the “Beast from the East” turned out to be a bit of a pussy cat (at least for this morning) and was cleared with a flick of the windscreen wipers.

It got to lunch time at work and the snow started to fall heavily. I phoned the vets to ask about bringing pick up time forward in view of the weather. They were kind and helpful (as ever), made an earlier time, but also said um …. its sunny here. Sure enough I arrived back in Sheffield and its was bright and fine, so much so that I left my coat in the car on the vets car park. I was a wee bit early but only waited about 10 minutes. In that time the sky went dark and it started snowing …. horizontally. I kind of regretted only having my cardy on 😦

Little Mogs complained that he had more white bits than he had before. Patch did too .. but there’s a limit to how much time we wanted to spend taking photos in a blizzard 😉

We drove up Woodseats Road … and Scarsdale .. each inch of the way being thankful that the worst case scenario for the day .. having to abandon car and struggling up said hills with two frightened post op cats in carriers hadn’t happened … yet. Got home settled the boys in …. and the sun came out.

So vet trip three of the day also ended up happening. That was for Henderson’s booster / health check and review of his meds. Regular readers might remember that Hendo came to us last January … pretty much on death’s door. One thing and another its been a long haul but just recently he’s been looking really good. I’ve persuaded him to be brushed. He won’t let me do the more knotty bits around his hips but the rest of him has been looking so good. I’ve spurred him on saying how amazing Dr Tim will think he looks.

So back down Scarsdale, and he’s a bit shifty, and then we get to the lights to go over onto Woodseats and he does a poo in his carrier. It’s my fault. He’d been asleep before we set off to his appointment and I scooped him up and put him in the carrier and he didn’t have chance to use the litter tray first. So much for the beautifully groomed cat being presented … all I could do was pray he didn’t engage in some faecal body art before I could stop and sort him out.

It was tricky … but with all car doors securely locked we managed a bit of a turn around and scrub up. Note to self: make sure spare tissues, wet wipes and bedding are available in car.

The appointment was good. Hendo may have been a bit poohey .. but Dr Tim said his heart sounded really good for hyperthyroid cat and his coat look great. His weight has gone up quite a lot too. He’s within a few pouches of being 4kg! He was under 3kg when we first collected him. He grumbled his way through a mani pedi …. and tried to scare Dr Tim by reminding him that he was Jango’s mate … the cat all vets dread … but we were able to reason with him … the deed is done … and he’s had to admit this evening that its more comfortable having shorter nails.

Just to celebrate we went next door to Pet Company on the way home to see aunty Nic. She was thrilled to see him and could hardly believe it was the same cat! We’d gone in there after his appointments last year when he was so poorly, to buy a selection of tasty foods in the hope there might be something we could persuade him to eat.

Nic helped me choose some lovely food to tempt him … and then when we got to the till refused to take payment. It was so lovely to have that kind gift back then … and equally lovely to be able to take Hendo back a year later to say thank you. Well … a kind of grunty grumbly thank you …. you know what cats are like 😉

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One thought on “vets and snow and a proud mummy

  1. I’ve been following your blog ever since we adopted our 2 lovely kittens from you last year and I love reading about all you do for the cats in your care. The world is lucky to have people like you giving so much love to the little ones who really need it!


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