xmas 2013

It’s been a pretty rubbish year what with one thing and another, and we weren’t really going to bother with xmas.   But then Leo arrived and we started counting our blessings (and the number of ornaments remaining on the tree each night).   Jak and Jenny have been a bit more relaxed, and we’re cautiously optimistic that we will be able to announce some good news for them very soon.

We were fortunate enough to win a lovely jigsaw on the Friends of Ferals Auction .  Jango nearly got us into a bit of a Paddington bear situation with it, but thanks to him for staying (half) awake, watching it from his facebook page and bidding on it for me (and against me! …. but hey …. its the thought that counts, and its all money to help the amazing work that’s been done for Sheffield’s feral community).   Someone (my therapist perhaps?) explain to me why I thought it would be a nice Xmas Eve activity to start the jig saw???   I wasn’t completely deluded … I did set it up to do on the jig roll so I could put it away when I went out.  First Jango and then Honey came and laid on the felt …. but that was OK, we could work around it.   Sadly it met its nemesis with young Leo and his new friend Flipper.  To be fair, Leo was simply curious and had a go at fitting a few pieces into place.  Flipper however and as always was pure trouble.  Her final act, sadly not captured on the phone, was to dive into the box of pieces and skate across the floor in it.

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The Xmas spirit got into Sooty and he decided he’d share the goodies in his Xmas hamper with all his friends.  They loved it – lots of delicious fancy pouches and tins for everyone.   Of course no one thought to gather up the empties or to load the dishwasher afterwards.

Much as I adore all the others, and difficult as its been ….. one of the most precious things is having my lovely Mog at home this Xmas.  Never expected she’d be here … so glad that she is.   Who knows what the future holds with her, but at least I know at the moment she’s home and warm, dry and safe.



Loving her and all my fur babes this Xmas.

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