aother week i rescue

Hmm … that’s a bit of a odd title!  Typos?  Bad grammar?  If you’re a avid facebook page reader you’ll kow exactly what’s goig o .. if ot you’ll eed to read o.

It’s bee a tough week i some ways.  After multiple ights with o sleep because Elsa was cryig ad rippig at the door ad destroyig the lamiate … we realised the curret situatio was impossible.  I ay dilemma … ad I’ve had my fair share … I try to thik about which awful sceario I’d feel least bad about.  I this case it was a) Elsa stays with her kits ad possibly seriously ijures oe b) we separate Elsa ad kits here .. but the have all the other cats ad kittes mixig because owhere else to keep them separate ad they all start fightig ad keepig me awake all ight ad the situatio would just be impossible c) Elsa goes somewhere else, removed from her kittes a little too early to be ideal i terms of socialisatio.   ‘A’ absolutely had to ot happe.  ‘B’ eeded to ot happe … that might soud a little selfish … but this is my residet cat’s home, ad I have to keep fuctioig ad be fit to go to work.  Sadly it had to be ‘C’.  Thakfully Sheffield Cat Shelter helped us out by takig Elsa oce we’d got her spayed ad chipped.   Whole mix of feeligs about that: gratitude ad guilt beig the mai oes …. but also quite a lot of relief.

elsa harrassed

It had all got too much for Elsa … her kittes pursued her reletlessly for food.   She was seriously stressed ad uhappy .. ad that was beig passed o to everyoe else who lives here.

A couple of the little Es had bee eatig some solid food … but mostly they were relyig o mum for milk.  Iterestigly they foud they could chew perfectly well whe it was fresh chicke ivolved .. but ot cat food.  So we’ve bee workig through slow process of kitte formula mixed with baby rice … ad the bleded with cat food …. gradually makig more of th mix cat meat ad less milk.

So the weeked brigs us to a rare positio where all the cats i the house ca reasoably safely mix at least for some of the time.  Shadow ad the little Is have bee gettig o ok for a while ow.  She’s bee washig them ad bee a real sweetie i may ways.

inky & indie with shadow1

Eve Hoey has got used to sugglig up with them all

honey with indie & shadow1

So we fairly cofidetly decided to mix i the E team.  E team 6 weeks old at vets

Mostly its goe well ad it’s bee woderful havig them dowstairs playig aroud.  They’ve all had their first IT lessos.  It wet fairly well.  Ezra played o the keyboard .. but was geerally more iterested i my beer

ezra's first IT lesson

Elisha ad Ekiel had a little play aroud … toggleed betwee full scree ad back .. discoected the wifi … opeed special access settigs …. discovered oe or two keyboard shortcuts I’d ot kow about before.  However whe it came to Elijah’s tur he just got too excited, grabbed at the keys, ad pulled a hadful off as he was removed.   Most of them re attached ok … sadly the letter betwee M ad O is permaetly damaged.  A replacemet is o order …… util the ….. prepare for typos 😉

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